We feel so fortunate to have a dance family that generously and selflessly gives back to its community. From participating in the local MDA fundraiser (pictured at right) to walking for breast cancer, our team works to give back to the community that supports us. This past Christmas season, Fired-Up Dance Academy families joined together in adopting two HeadStart classes. Together, we donated enough coats, shoes, gloves and socks for each of the thirty-four children to receive a brand new coat, a brand new pair of shoes, and either gloves or socks. After the donations were collected, dancers made cards and lovingly wrapped the children’s gifts. The disbelief when each child received not one, but TWO gifts each was absolutely priceless.

This past December, the studio also collected a total of 160 pounds of food that was delivered to a grateful Oregon Food Bank. The generosity of our families was overwhelming and brought out in our young dancers a spirit of giving and concern for those around them, even those they don’t know. It is exciting to consider the significant difference we as a group made to so many who had found themselves in need, particularly during the holiday season. We look forward to future opportunities to support our community during the upcoming Holiday Season.