Hip Hop

Hip Hop Classes for Kids

Hip Hop

Hip-hop is a fun, energetic class that incorporates isolation movements, progressions across the floor and complex choreography. Many aspects of hip-hop are explored, including basic breaking, pop ‘n’ lock, and smooth R&B jazz, as well as stomp. Strength and flexibility are significant components of each class. And, most importantly, dancers develop confidence as they express themselves while discovering their own, personal movement and style. Don’t worry — we play music appropriate for all ages.

Dress code
Dance clothes required. ABSOLUTELY NO JEANS PLEASE!
Supportive shoes.  Please, no street shoes in the studio!
Please use shoes that are specific to studio-wear only.  Rocks and dirt damage our floors.


  • Intro to Hip-Hop Help your beginning dancer find his or her inner attitude with this introductory class geared toward five- to seven-year-olds.
  • Hip-Hop I: An introductory level class exploring the basics of hip-hop.
  • Intermediate Hip-Hop: For those who have mastered beginning level hip-hop, this class offers more in-depth instruction.


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