Don’t let the name fool you; tumbling is serious business. Our classes build strength, balance, and coordination while your student works on a variety of tricks and techniques. Body awareness, flexibility and self-confidence are stressed while teaching the fundamentals of movement and timing. Each class begins with a thorough warm-up to keep dancers’ bodies limber. Partnering skills are also explored.

Dress code
Comfortable, snug-fitting clothes
Hair secured out of face
No shoes


  • Intro to Acro: Intended for ages 3 to64, this class introduces tumblers to basic moves.
  • Acro: Classes offered for Ages 6-9yrs; 8-11yrs and Teens. This class focuses on the fundamentals of Acro, including building strength and flexibility safely.
  • Bronze, Silver: As your dancer increases their competence, the bronze and silver classes offer additional challenges to keep them engaged.
  • Gold: Our advanced Acro class. Instructor approval required for admission.


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