Ballet is considered the foundation of all dance. Attention to meticulous technical detail is invaluable for any serious dancer.  Strength, flexibility, balance, and grace are the focus of our ever-expanding ballet program. Proper technique, terminology and body alignment are emphasized at every level. Class structure includes barre work and adagios and allegros in the center. When you are ready, Pointe classes will be taught with an emphasis on safety as well as an appreciation for the work required to perform en pointe.  We train dancers to be clean, versatile performers.

Dress code: (Strictly enforced!)
Solid colored leotard (preferably black).  No bike shorts or skirts.
Pink tights
Pink ballet shoes. No socks or bare feet.
Ballet shorts, ballet shrugs and leg warmers are acceptable with teacher approval.
Hair must be slicked back in a bun using gel or hairspray.  Buns must be well-secured.  Messy buns are unacceptable.  Please clip bangs back.

  • Teen Ballet & Intermediate Teen Ballet: These classes offer teens the chance to explore the foundations of ballet.
  • Advanced I to III Ballet: Proper technique and instructor approval required for admission. Recommended in addition to the introduction of Pointe classes. Three classes per week
  • Pointe classes: Instructor approval required for admission.


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