Each week, jazz students move across the floor and put steps together in combinations that develop strength, flexibility and musicality. This unique American dance style draws its inspiration from the jazz greats of the past as well as today’s contemporary music. An ever-changing art form, jazz reflects popular culture while helping to build versatile dancers who can leap, turn, balance – and have a fabulous time while doing it!

Dress code
Jazz pants with solid colored leotard or fitted shirt.
Jazz shoes
Hair should be secured in a clean ponytail


  • Teen Jazz & Intermediate Teen Jazz: Teen Jazz classes focus on the foundations of jazz, allowing the students to learn with their own age range
  • Advanced Jazz & Accelerated Jazz: Requires instructor approval to register.
  • Progressions Tech: Instructor approval required for admission.
  • Lyrical: A fusion of Jazz and Ballet influences for the advanced-level Jazz dancer (elements of ballet with the freedom of jazz)


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