Our Faculty

Our instructors work to ensure that you learn not only dance technique, but also how to work cooperatively and the value of each participant to the contribution of the whole. Because each instructor is an expert in his or her discipline, they have the capability to push our students to exceed their own expectations. We’ll push you to the limit but you’ll love every minute of it!


  • Carene Boersma, Director; Instructs Ballet
  • Ashley von Weller, Dance Co. Co-Director; Instructs Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Pre-Dance
  • Amelia Unsicker:  Instructs Ballet and Pilates
  • Briley Neugebauer:  Ballet and Pointe
  • Corinne Cooksey:  Jazz, Contemporary, and Core Strength
  • Devrie Thompson, Hip Hop Director:  Instructs Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop/Acro, Pre-Dance
  • Ellie Chandler:  Hip Hop, Jazz, Combo classes
  • Janelle Wilson:  Ballet, Jazz Tap, Contemporary
  • Kimi Tone:  Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary
  • Marisa Bidegaray:  Jazz Technique
  • Marty Ervin:  Hip Hop
  • TJ Yale:  Tap, Hip Hop
  • Tracie Nissen:  Jazz, Tap, Acro
Guest Artists Include:  Judy Rice, Melissa Sandvig, Sam McWilliams, Taylor Tsvyetkov, Patrick Pulkrabek, Tony Elliott, Lisette Bustemante, Sophia LaVonne Smith, Grant Chenok, Kayla Kalbflesich, Chelsea Theadinga, Kemba Shannon, Andrea Parsons, Kara Shuster, Jennifer Livingston, Randy Davis, Gabby Wright, Aaron McGloin, Mandie Evans, Mika Greene, Ally Hauke, Alex Larson, Ashlie Roth, Sammi Lopresti, Sydney Warren, Sherri Atwood, Elise Ericksen, Shannon Sword, Michelle Skidmore