Whether ballet, tap, jazz, or hip-hop, dance is a unique form of exercise that allows all involved to find inspiration and motivation as they let the music and the movements wash over them. Dance allows one to express oneself creatively, providing physical and mental rejuvenation and relaxation, while stretching the muscles and working all parts of the body.  Dancing also provides entertainment, laughter and camaraderie, as bonds are formed with friends who share a love of dance. Dance exhilarates and excites. The thrill of accomplishment is not reserved for children mastering a new technique, but is a universal pleasure for dancers of all ages.  Our focus is on fun, fitness and friendship while also helping you hone your skills.

  • Ballet
    The discipline on which so many others are based will teach you how to hold your body as well as increasing strength, flexibility and poise.
  • Tap
    Learn how your body can be its own percussive instrument while learning the art of muscle control and rhythm development – and get a great workout!
  • Jazz
    Jazz offers a contemporary style of instruction, with both strength building and a more free-form dance style.


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